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What are the benefits of an Alloy Boat Trailer

Alloy trailers, also known as aluminium trailers, are becoming the most popular type of boat trailers requested by boat owners. Not only do alloy trailers look more aesthetically pleasing, they are more durable and lighter vs steel galvanised trailers.

Here are some key characteristics and advantages of alloy trailers:

Alloy Trailers Are Lightweight

One of the primary advantages of alloy trailers is their lightweight construction. Aluminium is significantly lighter than steel, up to 25% lighter. This lightweight design results in several benefits to a boat owner. Firstly, weight can be a considerable factor depending on the towable weight your car is rated to. Switching from a steel trailer to an alloy trailer can be the difference in being at a legal tow limit for your car. Or if you have a very heavy boat, switching to an alloy trailer can make the difference ensuring you are within the maximum load rating of the trailer. Another benefit is potentially bringing the total package weight of your boat and trailer within the required limits for braked trailers.

Due to alloy trailers being a lighter weight trailer, your car engine is not working as hard, therefore a bonus of fuel economy prevails. By simply towing a lighter alloy trailer could mean savings at the petrol pump. Now who doesn’t appreciate that?

Durability & Maintenance

Aluminium is strong, a durable material that can withstand the rigours of transportation and heavy use. Typically alloy trailers have larger profiles than a steel trailer. As a boat trailer they will require less repetitive and ongoing maintenance than a steel trailer when used in salt water which is a definite positive for those who don’t like the time involved when maintaining a steel trailer. Alloy is naturally resistant to salt corrosion compared to steel galvanised trailers; however, they still need to be washed down after use to remove the impact of salt residue, especially if stored for long periods. The I-beam construction of the alloy won’t hold water, further minimising corrosion.

All vehicles on the road need maintaining and servicing, alloy trailers are no different to being a responsible vehicle owner with service requirements

Like steel, aluminium also comes in a range of compositions, strength and durability. Swiftco Trailers use aluminium beams that are T6 temper with a 380MPa up to 500MPa strength providing you with a superior tow, with the strength and integrity to allow you a safe towing experience

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