This document forms the Terms and Conditions and Warranty between the customer and Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd, ABN 37 161 947 799 incorporating Swiftco Trailers and Swiftco Trailer Parts and Swiftco Trailer, Parts & Repairs.. Whereas the term ‘You’ and “Your” is used throughout this document, refers to any customer or potential customer of Swiftco Trailers and associated divisions of Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd.. Whereas Swiftco Trailers PL is used throughout this document refers to any division of Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd ,unless otherwise clearly stated within this document.

Customer Acknowledgement:

Customer acknowledges that if they are entering into a purchase with Swiftco Trailers PL, the full amount on the Swiftco Trailers PL invoice is due and payable, including GST and customer agrees to the item product/items listed on the invoice. Until full payment is received the product/items remains under full ownership of Swiftco Trailers PL. Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd is NOT liable for any loss or damage, injury or theft caused to your products, property or suffered by you or any third party in connection to products supplied by Swiftco PL or by, or during any delivery. Delivery of goods and timelines of delivery is at the risk of the customer Customers acknowledge they have 7 days from collecting item or item being delivered to check contents and goods match against their paid invoice.. Swiftco PL will not accept refunds or

Cancel of orders by Swiftco PL

Swiftco PL may cancel your order for certain reasons or may reject your order for any reason. You will be notified of this cancellation.


A minimum 10% deposit is required on acceptance of all Swiftco Trailer orders. Once a deposit has been paid by customer, but customer wishes to cancel the customer forfeits 100% of the deposit amount if Swiftco Trailers PL have commenced production/shipped such product/item. If Swiftco Trailers have not commenced full production you may be applicable to up to 100% refund, depending on cycle of production. If customer is using a BNPL or finance product to purchase trailer, a 30% deposit is required on application. If approval is not granted via finance company a full refund of deposit will occur. However if production has begun on the order, a refund cannot be granted.

Full payment is required on all parts orders prior to collection or shipping


The full balance on invoice and any add on items/products must be paid in full and receipted by Swiftco Trailers PL before collection or shipping of product. A credit card fee as stated on invoice is applicable on all payments made by credit card. This fee will be added to the total amount payable or balance due and payable by you


The full balance on invoice and any add on items/products must be paid in full and receipted by Swiftco Trailers PL before collection or shipping of product. A credit card fee as stated on invoice is applicable on all payments made by credit card. This fee will be added to the total amount payable or balance due and payable by you

Payment methods

Direct Deposit- Check invoice for banking details

Credit Cards- Visa and Mastercard only.- Surcharge applicable

Cheque- Product or goods cannot be released until clear funds received

PayPal- Swiftco Trailer Parts only.

Shipping / Freight Fees

By placing an order to be shipped to an address as requested by you, you agree to shipping/freight charges and agree to pay such charges prior to dispatch. These costs are variable depending on your location and delivery address. An estimate is provided and payable on your invoice however in the rare cases of freight being undercharged by Swiftco Trailers PL, you agree to pay to outstanding additional amount within 24 hours of the additional freight invoice being mailed to you. A $25 per month fee will be added to any outstanding amount


If customers cancel their order on day of delivery, you will still be charged the delivery fee and return of goods fee is applicable. During checkout, ticking the ‘signature required’ box you agree to all and any delivery and re-delivery costs pertaining to your shipment and agree to paying these costs within 24 hours of invoice. Timelines can be provided by external freight companies however these timelines are an estimate only and Swiftco Trailer PL cannot be held liable for any delays. By entering into a sale with Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd and shipping or freight is requested by the customer, the customer agrees to all charges by Third Party Freight Companies.

PLEASE NOTE : SHIPPING CHARGES will be amended based on delivery address, Freight quoted is for delivery to a business address with forklift facilities.

If DELIVERY is to a residential address, and a forklift is required but not available there will be additional fees charged by our Third Party freight company which will be on forwarded to the customer.

If RE DELIVERY needs to occur due to no-one being available to accept delivery then these charges encured by our Third Party Freight company will also be on forwarded to the customer. (These additional fee's are direct from the freight company and are beyond our control)

Freight, Shipping, Postage, Delivery by Third Party & External Operators

As Swiftco Trailers PL is not a freight company, Swiftco Trailers PL is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to any goods or product once in transit. Delivery of goods is at the risk of the customer.


All quotes are valid for 5 days unless otherwise stated.

Trailer pick up

All trailers are to be picked up within 5 working days of being complete as we do not have a storage facility onsite. A $50 per day storage fee after this time may be applicable if trailer or goods are not collected within the 5 days. If your trailer or goods are delivered by a Third Party delivery service, you are liable for these costs. As we are not a delivery company and a third party service is contracted, Swiftco Trailers are NOT liable for any damage, injury, theft or third party damage incurred by such company. Delivery of goods is at the risk of the customer

Debt Collection Fees

Any expenses incurred by Swiftco Trailers PL in the pursuit of reclaiming monies owed, including external fees such as, but not limited to, solicitors, debt collection agencies, QCAT, filing fee, bailiff fees shall be paid by the customer to Swiftco Trailers PL on top of the invoiced amount owing. Interest and administration fees may also be added to the outstanding amount after 14 days of amount originally due by customer to Swiftco Trailers PL. Unpaid invoices will attract a $25 (+GST) fee per month.


Once goods or products are placed in hands of freight or courier company, the ownership of product is transferred to the customer. Swiftco Trailers PL are not liable for loss, damage or any liability whatsoever once the product or goods leave the premises. This includes any products purchased via finance or payment companies whereby full funds are still forthcoming.

Delivery/production times

Certain peak periods and ex Covid (and similar unforeseen events) component delivery delays experienced by Swiftco Trailers PL may see wait time for production/manufacture of items/products up to 8 weeks. You will be notified if your product/item will be longer than this stated period.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only applicable under written consent by Director of Swiftco Trailers PL. Refunds will incur an administration fee of 10% and a restocking fee of 20%. If product/items has been used, products will be deemed as second hand and will not be eligible for a refund. Under acceptance of Director of Swiftco Trailers PL only, a refund may be approved with a cleaning fee of $99 per hour charged to customer. Refer to returns policy for further full details and conditions

If you require a refund please contact us within 14 days of purchase or receipt of delivery.

Display/Demonstration Model

Display models are sold in an “as is, where is” condition and come with a limited warranty or as provided in writing by director of Swiftco Trailers PL. If no warranty certificate provided with display/demonstration items, then no Swiftco warranty is provided.

SecondHand Trailers

All second hand trailers are sold in a "as is, where is" condition. No warranty is available on any secondhand trailer.


Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd accepts no liability if something goes wrong while using one of our products. Swiftco PL accepts no responsibility for loss of/damage to business or personal/public/product/item injury.


Any prizes donated or provided under sponsorship must be collected within 14 days, unless previously arranged in writing by Director of Swiftco Trailers PL. Any gift vouchers must be used by their expiry date. No refund provided on Gift Vouchers for voucher amount if full voucher amount not used.

Return of products / Warranty

Returning of products is at cost of the consumer. All warranty claims must be returned to manufacturer at the customers expense.