Swiftco Trailers began on the Gold Coast in 1975 building truck, boat and custom heavy duty trailers. Fast forward 48 years, the business has grown exponentially and evolved into Swiftco Trailers Parts and Repairs.

Swiftco is synonymous with exceptional quality, durability, strength and safety. Our specialised Repair, Service, Upgrade, Modification and Boat Fitting workshop has trade qualified Boilermakers, Mechanics, Fabricators , Fitters, RV builders, Boat Fitters and Panel Beaters to expertly service/repair your domestic, commercial, recreational or industrial towable vehicle: Trailers, Caravans, Camper Vans, Horse Floats, Food Vans, Dog Vans, anything towable.

The Swiftco boat trailer fleet comprise of high quality, reliable aluminium and hot dipped galvanised boat trailers to fit your individual boat or marine vessel. We can also customise or engineer and build a bespoke trailer onsite to your own design. Swiftco can stand by their quality and design by being the only manufacturer offering an industry leading 5-6 year frame warranty. As the Queensland leading manufacturer, selling direct to customers, Swiftco can offer exceptionally high quality trailers at prices much lower than other comparable major brands who only sell via a dealer network.

From July 2023 all trailers in Australia need to be certified to the new Federal Road Vehicle Standards Legislation, (ROVER). Swiftco trailers are ROVER Certified so you can be assured you are buying a quality compliant trailer for road use.

In 2017, Swiftco opened their extremely successful Parts division, servicing customers Australia wide through their extensive on-line e-commerce store and locally at their head office location on the Gold Coast. Always striving to offer the highest quality parts at the most economical prices.

Choosing the correct application and components in DIY repair or new trailer build can be challenging. Swiftco can guide you through the correct purchase of parts with our trailer professionals and 48 years of knowledge and hand-on experience.

We offer the best boating experience possible from road to water. Our mission is to enhance your boating experience, on and off the water. When you own a boat you don’t want to spend money ongoing on a trailer or have hassles loading and retrieving your boat at the boat ramp. That’s where Swiftco can assist in the correct purchase saving you money in the long term. Swiftco also have experienced professional Boat Fitters on site to ensure your time is efficient at the boat ramp.

Swiftco Trailers, Parts & Repairs are proudly Australian family owned and operated.