Trailer Rating Upgrades- Increasing Your Legal Tow Weight

As Queensland’s most experienced Trailer Manufacturer, Swiftco mechanics can upgrade the existing ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) for all types of trailers, horsefloats, caravans, campervans, food vans etc.
The rating of a towable vehicle ATM is comprised of the following

  • Trailer weight
  • Trailer maximum load
Example, if you have a caravan rated to 1000kg (1 Tonne) and your trailer weighs 400kg, the maximum legal weight you could carry in that trailer is only 600kg.

Therefore in simple terms if the trailer/caravan is rated to 1000kg, this is the maximum weight as it travels on the road. It is critical your ATM is appropriated rated. If not, you are towing illegally and if involved in an accident, your insurance is void.

Many people find their caravans, boat trailers and builders trailers simply are not rated high enough to carry they load they wish to put in their towable vehicle, Swiftco can help.

Swiftco Trailers has the technical knowledge, competency and skills to performs all necessary upgrades required on individual vehicles. This may include, suspension, brake, tyre, axle coupling & chassis upgrades to increase your ATM up to 4500kg (4.5 tonnes) ensuring all are compliant under the Federal Road Vehicle Standards.

If you are wanting to increase the legal weight you can carry, call us to discuss to avoid the pitfall of not being a legal tow.